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Code Geass

I'm still in shock - not at 23, no, the important points were expected given what happened in the previous episode - but at 22... Although I'd expected tragedy, I never thought Sunrise (well, specifically director Taniguchi Goro and his scriptwriters - I'll praise them for this once I get over the shock) could and would take it to this extent. Is almost everything that CLAMP touches doomed to have, at best, a bittersweet ending? And this one would be very very bitter indeed.

With this, Code Geass has gone from "oh this is amusing and so damn cheesy" to being the only must-see series for me so far this year. I really want to see how Schneizel and Cornelia act - beyond their initial reactions. And of course, the final confrontation of season 1...leading on to knowing who we'll be seeing in season 2...it's just so painful that we have to wait until summer (Japan's, that is) to find out!!

edit: Oh please give me more Nodame! I desperately need something light-hearted!
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