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Parfait Tic

I just have to get this off my chest. The ending to PT sucks - even if I was expecting it.

Not only because it was pretty stupid, but because it means that, over the series, character development for Fuuko was practically nil. I mean, to go from Daiya to Ichi and then back to Daiya - the point was? And what was with the minimal character development for Daiya too? I still have a whole tonne of questions about why Daiya behaved the way he did from his childhood, becoming a womaniser and everything. From a few things that Daiya said, it really seemed that much of that was due to him wanting to steal things away from Ichi. But then the mangaka didn't exactly explore that much further, except with one comment from Daiya in the last chapter - it almost seems like Nanaji-sensei didn't really know how to finish, and just wanted to continue the story as long as possible...without any real explanation for the characters' motivations, actions and changing feelings. I was never convinced that Fuuko ever got over Ichi, but apparently she did. And finally, the fact that Kagejika is still around (and that Ichi is getting used to her) particularly rankles.

Admittedly, I haven't read the last 40 chapters or thereabout and summaries for them have been sporadic at best, but I haven't seen much worthwhile development. At least with Fruits Basket, where the two guys seemed to be fighting over the girl as well, Takaya-sensei worked wonders in developing the relationships as well as she did. But for PT, it simply did not happen. For something that was really very interesting in the first 12 volumes or so, I'm immensely disappointed.

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