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Some things don't change...

Thought my brother had finally given up on WoW.
Thought wrong. He even comes back during his 3-hour break at work to play.

I'm also heartily sick of scanning stuff - i.e. my portraits and other collector's items that are easy to scan (there's no way I'm destroying my artbooks). Probably especially because I know a lot of the stuff I scanned in January should be scanned again, at 300 dpi. But I really can't be bothered...at least atm - I have just 5 days left here, and have only caught up with a couple of ppl so far. Nevertheless, I now understand why scanners are often upset when they get no credit for their efforts - it's damn tiring to sit here waiting for the scanner.

Anyways, some of the scans will go up soon - as soon as the permanent account sale is over - provided my preparations for Japan don't take up too much time. Not entirely sure how far I want to share them though...


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Jun. 18th, 2007 01:51 am (UTC)
correct me...but doesn't coming to Australia generally mean you are away from your usual life? Or is going to Singapore leaving your 'usual' life here in Aust....ANYHOW...you're going to Japan! (though it IS for work)...IT'LL SILL BE A MAJOR RIDE!!! XD
Jun. 18th, 2007 02:34 pm (UTC)
Well...it's not really 'usual life' because I'm only here for nine days, and have to run around for a lot of appointments during that time too. Singapore is most definitely not usual life though...too few people to go out with!

See you tomorrow (are you going to be able to read this before then?) - will message you anyway, cos I think I'll probably change some money tomorrow.
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