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Some things don't change...

Thought my brother had finally given up on WoW.
Thought wrong. He even comes back during his 3-hour break at work to play.

I'm also heartily sick of scanning stuff - i.e. my portraits and other collector's items that are easy to scan (there's no way I'm destroying my artbooks). Probably especially because I know a lot of the stuff I scanned in January should be scanned again, at 300 dpi. But I really can't be bothered...at least atm - I have just 5 days left here, and have only caught up with a couple of ppl so far. Nevertheless, I now understand why scanners are often upset when they get no credit for their efforts - it's damn tiring to sit here waiting for the scanner.

Anyways, some of the scans will go up soon - as soon as the permanent account sale is over - provided my preparations for Japan don't take up too much time. Not entirely sure how far I want to share them though...

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