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Revisiting the past...and other things...

well, so to speak...it isn't a new series...

I was just flipping through some of the things I've collected, and stopped to read the character descriptions on the Saiyuki merchandise I have. Sanzo's is my favourite:

"A brutal and corrupt priest. He's self-centered, haughty and not entirely sane..."
...it doesn't take much to amuse me these days I guess, but there's also something I should be doing now that I don't particularly want to do (for various reasons), which is writing an email...

Recently, I've been wanting to watch Saiyuki, mainly because of the seiyuu in it (Seki Toshihiko as Sanzo! and I want to hear Namikawa Daisuke as Kami-sama). It's been licensed, but I hope I won't have to buy it all - there's 3 series already, which would be quite expensive...with all the manga and artbooks I buy, I'm broke already...

Onto another topic...it was reported on Gunota that Gundam SEED Destiny's 3rd opening will be sung by Takahashi Hitomi, a 15-year-old newcomer selected in the same way as Tamaki Nami almost 2 years previously - Sony Music auditions.  I didn't realise how young Tamaki Nami (who sang Gundam SEED's first ending) was - she's only 16 now.

And a completely separate topic (cricket)...Australia won the 1st of the Tri-series finals today, though with a performance far from what is now expected of them...what was surprising though, is that Pigeon (Glenn McGrath) did not have the best economy today...rather, Brett Lee did... The England vs. South Africa match looks really close too - wish I could watch it from here!!

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