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Romeo x Juliet (Work is over!)

Had my final day of work the other day - I'm done! Finished! Except for a couple of things I have to go back to deliver (it's more personal though, not due to work). Thank the Lord. But now, there are a ton of other things which I have to get done, not least some emails.

Since I'm just lazing around today, I started watching Romeo x Juliet (which about 3 people have been asking me to watch over the past 2 months)... Some parts in the first two episodes are almost cringe-worthy (though not quite of the scale of Code Geass's episode 20) - I just keep reminding myself that they're only 16 years old... Past that, well, the changes from canon are quite interesting, what with the coup and its repercussions. Given that there are no other Capulets remaining (what then, precisely, is Tybalt's relation to Juliet in this story?), will this end tragically as the beginning of the first episode suggests? Consider me hooked, though I should finish a couple of other series first...


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Jul. 1st, 2007 09:20 pm (UTC)
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