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Summer season thus far, and more drama news ^^

The first episode of Zombie Loan is already out...and well, I'm a bit ambivalent. It's pretty slow, with lots of explanation (something that really irks me sometimes, because it typically involves the characters monologuing in really flat tones - and it does that here) and strange differences in animation styles and quality:
And for a series based on a manga by the artists of Rozen Maiden, the character design in the first episode was a bit...blah...

As for the main reason I wanted to watch this...the main character whines and whinges way too much (I'm taking the same attitude as *snicker* 少年 ’A' - I've got no time for this kind of person...even though the other series is about a guy whose like this, or worse...go figure...). I wish Kuwashima Houko-san would stop using this kind of voice (her characters in GS and GSD really pissed me off), as I really liked her as Quon in RahXephon, and her Sai in Angelic Layer shows how different she can be.  As for the guys, these are character types they voice really really frequently, so it hasn't been interesting so far.

*sighs* The first volume of the manga is meant to be similarly uninteresting, so I'll give this one a couple more episodes at least. But can the production company, which has produced only one other series fully, give us something special after this kind of first episode?


J-drama-wise, Hanakimi is also out, and I should be watching it soon, but the reactions so far have been lukewarm. Yamada Tarou Monogatari, based on another manga which I am interested in reading (I read the first couple of volumes quite a while ago, before I lost it), has received a more positive reception...it's just that...it's got two Arashi members in it... *sighs* Do I watch shows for the quality of the series or for the actors?

But thankfully, something I read on Memento's blog cheered me up greatly (many thanks to Garten for posting this news):

Yup, Nodame will be returning for two special episodes in January - banzai!
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