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(Not so) recent developments in the Singapore Anime community

It's old, I know - the article (available here courtesy of dKiWi is dated June 1st after all) - but yes, the long awaited crackdown on anime piracy in Singapore has finally had some impact in the real world.  A number of people - 17 apparently - have been sent letters (sample available here and here) detailing the evidence collected regarding their illegal downloading activities. As for how they did it - Grant Robertson has written an illuminating post as to the likely methods in the US, with music as the example. But Odex doesn't seem to have done that. The examples of illegal activity that the letter provided are all from a torrent network, so it seems that they followed that up to a point. However, Odex contacted the offenders directly, which means that they managed to link the IP addresses to physical addresses somehow...meaning: Big Brother is in force here.

Still, I wonder how that applies when they're hunting people whose ISPs lump them with a painful 'shared IP' service...is there a software program that provides you with the MAC address of a downloader?

Oh, and I absolutely love this reaction...

The implications? Yes, they're watching us. Watching anime becomes more difficult / expensive, as this list of series is offbounds according to Odex (and no, I hadn't heard of them before this). There are always ways and means to get around this, as Dark Mirage notes, although getting raws off Winny probably won't protect you if Odex goes after those who dl raws as well - IIRC, there is some form of tracking when you use that software, albeit not central. I think it just take a whole lot more effort to track than Bit Torrent does. Similar things with IRC probably...and I guess they can investigate those with humongous bandwidth usages (apparently some ppl dl 200GB each month...how, I don't know...) if the community decides to depend solely on uploading services.

This should bother me...but it doesn't really. I quite welcome the restrictions, as I am running out of time here. But I'm annoyed at how they regard us...I would buy manga in English if the translations were good (but I've only found ONE series worth buying) and anime under the same conditions - but I don't know whether there's any hope...in fact, I'm starting to like buying the Japanese dvds just to get all the extras, and maybe, within the year, this will actually be feasible language-wise.

(and hell, it's true that taking the keys out of your keyboard screw them up somehow - my spacebar is sticking - I'm never doing that again if I can help it!)
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