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I'm doomed...

...this season.

Unless I stop following anime based on seiyuu, that is...

Based on j1m0ne's preview, I should at least be trying
Dragonaut the Resonance (Suzumiya Haruhi cast, which means I"d be watching it for Sugitan mostly)
Gundam 00 (Miyano Mamoru, MikiShin, Kamiyan - in fact, I have started)
Rental Magica (FukuJun)
Jyushin Enbu: Hero Tales (FukuJun, Suzuken, Sakurai, Kaida Yuki)
Shion no Ou (Paku Romi, Matsukaze Masaya)
GHOST HOUND (FukuJun, plus
Shirow Masamune being involved)

I might also try Moyashimon (Non-tan, Saiga Mitsuki) because the premise - it's based on a manga about bacteria - is just so unique...

Chances are, most of them will eventually be dropped - this is a person who dropped NANA after all, no matter how amusing certain seiyuu were in it. And that reminds me, don't see anything with Ishitan in it so far...

The only one that is completely confirmed is Genshiken 2, and the decision depended on no seiyuu whatsoever...


On RxJ - it's annoying that I'm only going to be able to understand it properly sometime next year (if I can get my Japanese-studying act together), but I was expecting something like that ending...oh, and Mizushima Takahiro really does remind me of Hoshi...