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Seiyuu guessing contest...at Yaoi-Con 2007

Going back to the LJ communities I used to frequent before that HDD disaster back in March has certainly killed me...the guest contest I read about when I got home from the nomikai tonight kept me occupied for a good half hour as I tried to sort through the clues.

The fourth clue gives it dead away, as anyone who's seen the relevant series knows exactly who that jacket belongs to...though I did figure it out with the third clue, having once listened to those very kansai-ben lessons (and they ARE amusing). But what was both fun and frustrating at the same time was to try and sort out the rest of the clues. I still have absolutely no idea which character he voices in 24 (all I could find out was that it's not Jack, who's voiced by Koyama Rikiya (小山 力也)), but I'm pretty certain I know the anime ones now. The early shounen anime is Hunter x Hunter, and the later one is The Prince of Tennis, with Takahashi Hiroki and Kaida Yuki being the two seiyuu in question. (According to ANN however, PoT was released in the US last year...unless they happen to be talking about the DVD releases). That best known role also happens to be the one which gave us the kansai-ben lessons. As for the two 天才 characters, they belong to The Prince of Tennis and Saiunkoku Monogatari. 
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