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Fall season...and pulling hair out at Ouran

Who are you and what have you done with Fujioka Haruhi?

Dragonaut the Resonance...
I don't think I want to continue this one...the concept seems interesting enough for a least a couple more episodes...but the fanservice is really getting on my nerves.

The most interesting one so far - because the first episode really doesn't tell us much. I should also find the seiyuu in this one interesting to listen too - there's one I just don't recognise because I don't recognise him when he uses this voice. The closest character he has previously voiced might be the one in Argento Soma... FukuJun's character could get rather irritating though...
let's start the operation, shall we? Jigoku Shoujo art - another plus point...
mm...let"s start the operation, shall we?         Jigoku Shoujo art - another plus point.

Rental Magica

The first and second episodes don't impress me. The concepts - witches with tall black hats, a rival organisation with a very childish leader, a walkover of a main character - are rather juvenile cliches. The only character I find interesting at present is Nekoyashi, and that is helping the thin plot hold me for a little longer. But even if I watch this, I probably won't be keeping it.

Let me just reiterate exactly what I am...         Nekoyashi

Gundam 00
As was expected, the first couple of episodes are a bit thin on plot - although this is the first time in ages that we *shock* don't have Gundams being stolen at the beginning of a series. The seiyuu list is quite impressive...but I really like Miyano Mamoru more in genki roles (ala Tamaki), and Kamiyan more in Zetsubou-sensei and Honey and Clover. MikiShin's character is too close to FMP's Webber...so I'll try paying attention to the fourth - Yoshino Hiroyuki. Speaking of which...those character names are horrible - I mean, Allelujah? Lockon? The art will take getting used to - are they trying to expand viewership by getting a shoujo-manga artist for the character design? Will probably watch this, but as with all Gundam series, won't be keeping it.

Look! I have disconcertingly large eyes!          The detail is impressive...

Jyushin Enbu: Hero Tales
The art I loved so much for Hagaren is something that I'm not appreciating here. Maybe it's the seiyuu...I just don't associate these seiyuu with this kind of really really shounen-ish art. Frankly, the whole "7 stars" plot basis calls to mind too many other series (Fushigi Yuugi being, unfortunately, the first one), but the preview for the next episode looks interesting, so I'm in at least for the moment.


As for Ouran...I'm having an OMGWTF moment because the coolness that is Haruhi has been reduced to something that is all too familiar.  Though it was to be expected, I'm lamenting that Hatori Bisco-sensei backed out on her early statement that she didn't want to pair Haruhi up with anyone... *sighs*
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