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Seiyuu update

Posting the rest of the MÄR~メルヘブン~ cast that has been listed on the official website...

ドロシー  :  中島沙樹
Dorothy  :  Nakajima Saki

ジャック  :  阪口大助
Jack  :  Sakaguchi Daisuke

エドワード  :  坂口候一
Edward  : Sakaguchi Koichi

アラン  : 小杉十郎太
Alan  :  Kosugi Juurota (who voiced Ohka/Resshin in Recca!)

小雪  :  清水愛
Koyuki  :  Shimizu Ai (as expected)

Where's Nanashi!?!?!?! The first episode aired on Sunday, so hopefully he'll appear within the next two weeks...I just want to know who his seiyuu is!

Not going to comment on chapter 80...it just spoiled my mood though...

Added a short review for Finding Neverland, which I saw on the weekend.

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