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And so...farewell

Today, just a few hours ago, the Test career of one of the greatest cricket players Australia ever produced has ended. Adam Gilchrist has been a stalwart of the Australian side ever since he took over from Ian Healy about nine years ago. Despite the shoes he had to fill, he made the position his own with an exemplerary (is that actually a word?) standard of 'keeping, coupled with the bonus of a fearless and domineering batting talent that changed the course of so many matches. Gilly and Damien Martyn were the players who kept me following the game these past nine years. I especially appreciated the way Gilly played, honest to the best of his knowledge. I'll sorely miss watching them play (just as I have missed Gilly this past year, as I've had virtually no access to matches) but to Gilly - congrats, and お疲れ様です!
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