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Japanese Practice....well, an excuse to write about the show that started today

Just under 5 hours ago, to be precise. Out of impatience, I've decided to try watching this on TV as much as possible (it is broadcast at the rather inconvenient time of 5pm on a Sunday, after all). This would be the second series, after starting on the last 4 episodes of Shion no Ou. Unfortunately, whilst I managed to get most of Shion, Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch R2 has way too much unknown vocabulary for me to get more than the gist of what's being said. Or I need to go through all the magazine pages I've collected on the first series...darn it, karice wants to be able to leap through time!

The first episode was interesting...it echoed the first episode of season one to a great extent, although we're still left wondering exactly what happened after that final cliffhanger. Of particular interest is the ending sequence, which suggests the existence of another contract (with V.V., of course), and which has been drawn to emulate a dichotomy used in another CLAMP series, X.
Tags: code_geass

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