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!!! Code Geass 17!!!

There's quite a lot I actually want to say about this episode. E.g. they were THIS close to reconciling! Damn Schneizel! They still have about 8 episodes left to do it, but after this 'betrayal', I really don't know if Lelouch is going to give Suzaku even the time of day again. Nevertheless, as the Black Knights are probably going to abandon Lelouch within the next few episodes, I'm guessing that the writers might have been able to construct a suitably drastic situation.

But more importantly, according to the official site, C.C. is indeed mortal again!
「異空間からの脱出のさいに不老不死の能力とC.C.としての記憶を失ってしまう。 」
「With the escape from the (World of C), she has lost both her eternal youthfulness and life and her memories as C.C..」
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