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Code Geass so far

You know what could really get on my nerves? People assuming that everything they need to know has already been revealed. Needless to say, spoilers up to episode 23 under the cut.

There are a number of viewers on other blogs who love voicing their opinions about Code Geass. Normally, I just let them wash over me - some do have very interesting and revealing observations to make, after all. However, ever since Lelouch became Emperor, with Suzaku reverting to being his knight once again, an increasing number of people are making noise over what these two best friends have "become" (for a great summary, try the fic I recommended one post back).

As I mentioned in my previous post, I doubt that ruling the world is what Lelouch aimed for when he took over the throne. Though everyone might argue otherwise, I don't think the writers have shown us Lelouch and Suzaku's ultimate goal yet. From their conversation in the garden in the Brittanian Palace (episode 22), it appears to involve excessive amounts of blood. However, I seriously do not believe that someone as gentle as Cecile (scientist though she is) would go along with it if that were all, and we have reason to believe that she does indeed know what it is, although the revealing conversation in episode 22 suggests that they were left with no choice. What that goal is and how it will be achived (once Schneizel is out of the way) is crucial for how our protagonists are framed, so I'm personally going to lay off the characters until all their cards and plots are revealed.

Which means that Schneizel is fair game already. There's no point at analyzing someone so obviously evil though. I'm with Cornelia on the issue of his plan for ruling the world - I wish she weren't dead, but I'm tired of Sunrise pulling that card on us too... Well, two more weeks to go!

edit: with regards to Nunally - Kaoshin Sama called it back when the episode first came out, and provided a fair bit of evidence too. I never really believed she was dead (call it the "unless you see the body confirmed dead (c.f. Shirley and Rolo) then the character will probably come back" Sunrise clause), but didn't have a good escape. Glad he found the hints left by the writers.

Oh, and note about Tuberculosis (I read up on it whilst watching Shinsengumi). It is indeed contagious - but of those who have TB infection, only about 10% go on to develop it. Note also that the site reports that "in general, you need long-term contact with an infected person — as much as eight hours a day for up to six months — to become infected yourself."  Being contagious simply means that it can be spread from one person to another - by contrast, cancer is a non-contagious disease. Not that it should matter, as the Code Geass world should have vaccines for it. Xing-ke also does not show symptoms for it all the time as, until it is in the last stages (upon which he should pretty much be bedridden), he is far more likely to cough up blood when he is exerting himself.

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