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Review: Macross Frontier 25 アナタノオト

I'm probably going to rant about it, and this may be a bit premature in view of the movie that's been announced, but I want to get it out of my system.

Frankly, episode 25 pissed me off completely. Sure, I'm not a hardcore Macross fan, having always thought that the way they depict song as the decisive weapon as rather stupid (though I won't go into that here). I also understand that many follow the series because of the Valkyries and fights (I have a very amusing memento from one such fan, and yes, the fights were often way cool), but the official webpage proclaims Macross Frontier to be a 「恋と友情と惑星の運命が交差する超銀河ラブストーリー!!」 (basically: an intergalactic love story where love, friendship and the fates of planets intertwine). Now, unless that 超銀河ラブストーリー refers to the Vajra's culture of sending out a love song and mating with other species every few millions of years, then it has to refer to the love triangle between Ranka, Alto and Sheryl - a notion that the website and the opening and ending sequences all support. And that being the case, the "safe" ending with Alto choosing both and yet neither of them was really anticlimatic. At least Hikaru in the original Macross had the sense to decide whom he loved!

Actually, I probably wouldn't be quite so annoyed with the series if it certain developments had gone in different ways. For example, Ozma collapsing at Ranka's concert supposedly echoes that of Roy from Macross, well, except that the latter didn't make it. Call it an "exchange of hostages" I suppose, because my favourite male character got shafted a few episodes later, tearing apart the one pairing I was actually rooting for just after they'd finally confessed to each other. That also wouldn't have been too bad if Alto had finally chosen someone in that last episode: as Klan keeps saying, she didn't want Alto (and whoever he loves) to end the way she and Michel did, without anything really beginning - not to mention that it was Michel's last piece of advice to his kouhai. Frankly, it's a cop-out that even the homage in the last episode (Klan rocking in Skull-2 and Alto using Michel's sniper rifle to put an end to the supervillainess - though it was also kinda cheesy) cannot assuage.

The one thing I can praise atm is the music, which was generally excellent. I especially love Sheryl's Diamond Crevasse, which suits May'n's more sultry vocals (in contrast, Ranka's voice suits the more upbeat songs such as "My boyfriend is a pilot"). Of course, that song will be like Hitomi's Continued Story for a while more, but I definitely need to update my iPod. Well, the Final Deculture gets only a 7/10 from me...with 2 points lost for the point I was ranting on above, and one for the messiness that came with them cramming as many songs as they could into about 22 minutes. Maa...I'm done, until the movie's out.

p.s. I do think Sheryl's ahead though...and Ranka seemed to agree, although she said she wouldn't give up.
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