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R2 の部屋

Been watching a few of these today (yes, not doing much work at all). It's basically a short introduction to each week's CG episode, presented by Lelouch's seiyuu, Fukuyama Jun. Some of them are quite amusing - I gaped in the very first episode when he talked about a certain shower scene, finishing off with "as expected for a late-night show" 「さすが深夜たい」!

And in the very last one, he talks about a character who supposedly died but then appeared again: '...and, more than anything - we said it last time as well, didn't we? The person that everyone thought about with "ahh...another good character just went and died..." is actually alive. That's Guilford-tan. Don't ask me why he's alive *laughs merrily* because we also don't know.'


Glad to know the seiyuu share our sentiments sometimes!

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