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Preliminary notes on CG

I'm almost through the rewatch - just 5 episodes left. Of course, 21 is the big wtf episode. But reading various interviews (or summaries thereof) is bringing a different understanding to the series. Though they are seiyuu interviews, I'm assuming that directors for cartoons talk about the same things with seiyuu that film directors do with actors, namely what their characters' personalities and motivations are. If that's the case, then the idea that I keep seeing in interviews and comments, the idea that the friendship between Lelouch and Suzaku is one of the keys to understanding the last 5 episodes, is certainly true.

And with that understanding, I'm now leaning towards the "Lelouch is dead" camp. It's certainly a better ending for him than an immortal life, though if C.C. still has her code, then I'll be incredibly annoyed. For Lelouch, I'm quite happy either way though, as both ways offer some kind of relief to combat the pain they entail.