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Nabari no Ou First Impressions

I hadn't been intending to watch this...but I sometimes get swayed by certain types of favourable impressions...that the art is pretty certainly helps (though the coloured manga art is nicer!)

So far, I've found the art rather interesting. For the most part, the characters suffer from the curse that most manga-to-anime adaptations have...they're just not as pretty, sith the exception of some scenes. Oh, and Kouichi is still pretty...though I haven't seen him in manga art yet. But the backgrounds are gorgeous, with the whole drawing and watercolour feel. Probably unintentional, but a nice parallel between the story updating the ninja world and animated pictures replacing paintings and suchlike.

Characterisation is also interesting, although I wonder if too much of Miharu's character has already been revealed, just 8 episodes in. Still, the hints about the pasts of Kouichi and Kumohira-sensei are what's keeping me interested in them. (Is it something about white haired guys (c.f. Rental Magica, though that one turned out to be rather unfilling...)...hm). I'm not entirely interested in Raimei's though, seems like a typical revenge story (i.e. just wait for the twist...).

And yes, Miharu's devilish side is incredibly cute. I love it how his "secret weapon" is actually that cute smiling face I posted above! It was especially well used in episode 2, although I hope they cut down on it a little. Maybe I'm feeling it more because I'm pretty much marathoning the series.

Seiyuu-wise...Kumigiya Rie impresses me greatly here. She's always strack me as having been typecast as either really cute young boys (or rather, their voices - c.f. Alphonse from Hagaren) or really irritating young girls (c.f. Bell from M.A.R.), so her more mature and flatter sounding Miharu is a welcome change. Otherwise, I'm definitely not picking the seiyuu. Namikawa Daisuke doesn't sound anything like Fay to me...or any of his other characters whom I remember. Then again, the last time I heard him was probably his short stint in Gundam 00. And I didn't pick Okiayu at all...I know he's got an amazing range (c.f. Ouran, Gundam Wing, Gundam SEED) - so maybe I'm just losing a bit of interest in this area?

*Sighs* though perhaps not where two particular seiyuu are concerned.

Action and setting-wise, I haven't seen anyone handling more than two shuriken or kunai in one hand yet (when I visited the ninja museum in Iga in summer, that was one limit I found out about), and for the most part, the few fights we've had have been entertaining. On the other hand, Yoite's Kira technique makes him powerful...but also makes his fights rather boring. It was also interesting to see (ep.3) some Ninja secrets like hidden/revolving doors, but what's more impressive is the notion of modern ninjas making use of technology, like Kairoushuu, whose chief uses the internet to broadcast his message to all clan members living otherwise normal modern lives.

On another relatively unrelated note, I was also impressed that the replies were staggered when that girl gave them the order. Far more realistic than in unison.

In short, I'll keep watching this. Probably want to pick up the manga at some stage though.

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