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I really really REALLY want to talk about Lulu Kuru Station, which I've been listening to everyday for the last couple of weeks...if only because those two are nutcases (I mean it in a good way). I wonder how the people I meet on the way to school think about the crazy girl who's recently began laughing out loud to herself on the route, then turning around to make sure no students need to be silenced... Can't help it, not when the subject matter covers everything from interesting love hotel names to Kansai oba-sans talking about "unco" and negligee!

But I also have to study. The JLPT's in exactly one month, and I still haven't started the practice exercises. Might just have to impose a LJ ban on myself!

In the meantime, the 3rd picture drama for R2 is also quite amusing - the best parts were Karen's 「それはない」 and Lelouch's 「ま-まぁ、スザクなら任せても構わないかもしれないでもないと言うところではないこともないが...」, though not on the same level as 9.33 from last year. Bittersweet though, given how they tie it in with the whole series.
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