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Translation practice! Code Geass R2 Picture Drama 03 Stage 7.19

Unlike the previous one, which was on the battlefield, this one is rather easy to understand, hence the JLPT practice.

Continuing on from Lelouch's musings on happiness (Turn 7), he's reflecting on life in Ashford about a year earlier, when they decided to have a hand-made dress party.

"If happiness has a shape, I wonder what it is. Even if you can't see it normally, it probably does exist. A kind/gentle world..."

"S...Shirley, not there!"
"Wow...it's somehow..."
"Ah! I'm sorry, Karen, did I prick you?"
"Uh...no...I was just a bit surprised, that's all."
"We're in anticipation, you know! Shirley is only good at sewing after all!"
"What do you mean, 'only'?"
"But I'm really looking forward to this hand-made dress party."
"It's great, right? This way, we won't have a boring party with just special brand names and expensive costumes."
"Yes. I think it's a wonderful plan!"
"Oh, that's right, Karen, who are you going to ask to be your escort? Have you decided?
"No, not yet..."
"Don't tell me...Lulu?"
"So that's it."
"Huh?! Don't misunderstand! I don't think anything in particular about him!"
"Yes! I don't really like his kind of futile self-importance."
"Then who? Suzaku-kun?"
"It can't be...Rival?"
"Definitely not."
"Then WHO is it, Karen!?"

Cut to the boys sneezing in turn.
"A cold, Lelouch?"
"Speak for yourself."
"This is that, isn't it? Someone's gossiping about us, such as the Student Council's girls for example!"
"In other words, Rival wants to say this. 「Who is going to escort whom?」 That's what the girls are discussing now."
"That it!"
"Eh...Even Lelouch has an interest in that kind of thing."
"No, I don't care, since I've decided to escort Nunnally."
"That's such a waste...(since you can try to get such a variety of hearts)."
"Then, how about I escort Nunnally?"
"Nice Idea! Right, 'oni-sama'?"
"erh...W-well, it's not like I don't really care about not caring about not caring about it ...if it's Suzaku..."
"Which is it!?" (Rival)
"That's mean. You don't trust me?"
"Er...no. If I were to entrust Nunnally to anyone other than myself, it'd be you. But there's also her physical situation. It's impossible for someone who's not used to escorting her. That's what I mean. You aren't yet..."
"Yes yes, we understand. Just admit it. 「I don't want to entrust my sister to anyone else!」 Huh! What beautiful sibling love!"
"Lelouch is the same as ever, huh?"
"Don't mock me."

"We're coming in."
"Wait a bit!"
"Tada! What do you think? Great, isn't it?"
"Woah...this is...!"
"eh...don't stare so closely..."
"Eh...it really suits you, Karen!"
"You're like a grandchild, huh?"
"Oni-sama, even if you're joking, you can't say something like that! After all, you'll be escorting Karen-san."
"What?! But...you're the one I will..."
"I will be asking Suzaku-san if he will escort me. Can I request that, Suzaku-san?"
"That's fine with me, but..."
"!...Why, Nunnally?!"
"We did it by lottery."
"Yup, with a 3-D hyper (?) one that Nina made. It's all decided."
"And by the way, you're not allowed to refuse (^^)"
"Wooow. Then I am...!"
"(taking) Shirley."
"Ehhh? (がっくし)"
"What the hell do you mean? I'm the one who want to cry!"
"No...Everyone, that's wrong! There's no way you can do as you like and decide partners by lottery! There's no way I can accept these combinations!"
"Oh, so you're disgruntled because it's me?"
"er..no...that's not what I meant...."
"Then there's no problem, right? (^_^)"
"...ah...ok, Nunnally"
"Then, (now with Lelouch's ?), towards the success of the first Ashford Academy Hand-made Dress Party...One, Two..."
"Three!!" (They're doing one of those cheering things...)
"Karen, your feet!"
"heh? No! Where?"
"Ah, don't Karen! That dress isn't...!"

"One year ago, that was a neverending series of everyday spectacles. At that time, I never realised it, just how much (of a happy time*) it was, a time free of ulterior motives."#

* I put (of a happy time) in to break up a rather unwieldy sentence.
# Literally, "without credit-purchase"

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