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The dawn of the internet streaming enterprise?

(Source: Animaxis) Eureka 7 (交響詩篇 エウレカセブン), an anime beginning this weekend in Japan, is slated for online streaming access in the weeks after its broadcast. This isn't the first occasion: there was another anime which allowed streaming access a few weeks/months ago (can't remember which though...); nor is it an East-Asian phenomenon surrounding digital media: Sony is intending to make its most popular movies available for viewing on mobile phones.

I'm not surprised at the move by the Japanese companies - this was the only feasible way they could cut down on internet distribution (read 'piracy') of their products - but they will have to look at making them available in more languages to truly be able to do something about it. And even then, unfortunately, there are people who will refuse to pay for access to the media. The argument is, if it's available for free, why bother to pay at all, and only for limited access? Don't know about them...but I'd pay for it, whilst I'd probably still obtain fansub versions (I love fansubs, mainly because their translation is so much better than official versions) and buy the dvds of the series/shows I like. (Western shows/films are generally excluded from any of this...I'll just go to the cinema, buy/rent the dvds or watch it on tv - it's easier and more ethical.). Of course, if I actually study Japanese to the extent that I am able to view Japanese media in its original language, none of that will even be an issue anymore, although I'd probably buy Australian dvds (cheaper) over the Japanese ones unless there are extras that I particularly want...^_^... I'll admit though, that I'd probably rip a series a like so that I can easily carry it all over the world instead of having to lug a dvd collection (when I get it) around...

On the other hand...regarding digital films for mobile phones - excuse me, but who is going to download something for such a small screen? I didn't even consider using my previous phone to access my email, and it actually featured that capability!! Of all the ideas that those mega-companies think of, this has to be one of the most stupid. However, come to think of it, I shouldn't be surprised if some people actually do make use of it - second-rate media is already accepted by so many people around the world after all.

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