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Episode Countdown

Fruits Basket Another: http://www.hanayumeonline.com/

Episode commentaries:
Gundam SEED Destiny, Macross Frontier (new)

Writing backlog:
Code Geass, Macross ∆, Chihayafuru movies, Rakugo, Eupho 2

NigeHaji (drama), City Hunter, Personal Taste
Interstellar, The Intern
Eupho Commentaries
Aldnoah.Zero extras

Rewatch list:
Saraiya Goyou, Uchouten Kazoku, Psycho-Pass, Rakugo

Series for blog project:
SHIROBAKO (all staff interviews)
AZ (Aoki x Takayama G2)
GS (episode commentaries?)
Frontier (new commentaries, Yoshino and Kawamori interviews)
KimiUso (Animestyle, website interviews)
Hourou Musuko
any Urobuchi and Okada interviews I have on hand

Monogatari Series stuff

YOI stuff (one and two)


Sorry, I completely forgot... And as you will see, it was a somewhat unusual year again for me. (^^;)

Looking back on 2014, part 1: the sexiest voice in anime today
Looking back on 2014, part 2: the Ghibli bombshell
Looking back on 2014, part 3: the star of Monthly Girl’s Nozaki-kun
Looking back on 2014, part 4: what hurts the most… (NB: Chihayafuru manga spoilers!)
Looking back on 2014, part 5: the question of ‘equality’
Looking back on 2014, part 6: never, ever settle for anything less!
Looking back on 2014, part 7: anime and Japanese politics
Looking back on 2014, part 8: the noitaminA café ate my weekends!
Looking back on 2014, part 9: I’m a human being, just like you!
Looking back on 2014, part 10: succumbing to the marketing machine
Looking back on 2014, part 11: and the anime of the year is…
Looking back on 2014, part 12: the end of an era (NB: Naruto spoilers)

Bonus 1: Merry Christmas! from Shimura Takako
Bonus 2: an impossible request
Bonus 3: the Sawano-Shimura tag-team!
Bonus 4: some actual ‘moments’ I loved

And here's the list.
I don’t want to tempt myself into looking it up before next week, so I’ll just lay out my reasoning for my chief suspect at this point before putting Rokka aside for one last week.

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Staff #3 (Ishihara and Ikeda Shouko; character design etc)
  • Because of the sheer number of characters, Ikeda designed most of the club members first before finalising the main characters!
  • When Ishihara first started on the project, only one volume of the novel had been released, so they had very little to go by. They considered coming up with completely different designs…but since there was also going to be a manga version, with the manga artist using the novel cover artist, Asada Nikki’s designs, they decided to go with the same.
  • The design for Michie (sensei) came from Asada; but although there was a design for Taki as well, Yamada (1st episode’s director) asked for a new design: he wanted a guy in his 30s or so, with glasses, and fluffy hair.
  • Going back to the planning stages, Ishihara notes that he read all of Asada’s manga — he also lent them to Ikeda — and they used them to research the designs.
  • They didn’t want to have too many ‘gag faces’, because the story is quite serious.

Cast #3
  • Tune in at 01:55 and 03:40 to hear them squeal over their favourite male character…Chikao
  • 11:00 more evidence that Gotou and Riko are dating: she scolds him, and then apologises for him — like an old married couple
  • This the “Taki-sensei is scary episode” — they felt really sorry for Haruka
  • The scene with the four kids at the fast food joint — they feel how young they are because they’re eating fries, and the way they pick up the food etc
  • Asuka comes across as a single Mom — they don’t mean this in a bad way; rather, it’s like she’ll get through whatever life throws at her.

Staff #4 (Ishihara and Art Director Shinohara)
  • Research for this series was super easy…since it’s set in their backyard. Though Shinohara observes that there were many places he hadn’t been…
  • And because it was so close, they decided to make it as realistic as possible…except for certain things, such as the location of the school. Which station should they situate it close to? (Ishihara debated on this point…b/c Hazuki gets off at Obaku, there are only two stations it could be at: Kohata or Rokujizo, b/c the next station along, Momoyama Minamiguchi, is no longer in Uji City). But Kohata is the studio’s station…and Rokujizo is actually quite picturesque…so that’s what they decided on. And there are tea plantations around there…
  • Starting around 17:00, they have a really interesting discussion about how Shinohara used colour to differentiate between the seasons. Right from the start, they’d made the colours very bold, and tweaked the contrast to clearly show the shadows, so making it even stronger for the summer (~episodes 10 onwards) was not really an option. Hence, Shinohara added a bit of emerald green to the sky… The colours of the greenery also changes — the brightness of spring slowly darkens into the strong verdant greens of summer.

Cast #4
  • 03:40 fawning over Taki. Chikapet(?) loves his bed-head, and they speculate that perhaps he has two hair whorls
  • 7:50 And Chikao has his first line…which has the girls going absolutely crazy!
  • 10:30 Midori apparently has a really nice collarbone…
  • 10:40 onwards — on Shuuichi — there is a sense of regret in the way he interacts with Kumiko, so watching these scenes again really gives Tomoyan(?) “the feels”
  • 17:20 They go crazy about Gotou’s “I like the tuba,” and start speculating about their history: did they start tuba together? No, they met because of the tuba, right?
  • 20:18 They also noticed the girl preparing to throw her mouthpiece (Hiro) (except Chikapet…who absolutely loves it after the others point it out)
  • 21:20 They chide Taki was throwing out a line like “the time you waste on being young”… “It might be true, but that’s so mean!” They forgive him because his voice is really kind, but still!

Staff #1 Ishihara and Yamada (Episode Director)
  • Lots of the staff were actually former members of the Concert Band (~20)
  • Ishihara bought a euphonium (for reference) — still can’t play it
  • Kumiko really gives off the vibe of a ‘younger sister’. Someone who’s seen the trouble her older sibling has gotten into and is thus trying to be a good little kid
  • The director and Yamada also like the way that she speaks to Shuuichi and to her family (they really praise Tomoyan’s voice work)

Cast #1 (The quartet)
  • Ayachuu and Tomoyan really like Shuuichi; Chikapet loves Taki-sensei
  • They frame the way they talk about Shuuichi as being representative of their ‘love’ for him.
  • They describe Asuka as ‘sexy’ (エロい)

Staff #2 Ishihara and Harada (Series Composition)
  • They really love the way Kurosawa voiced Kumiko — she’s like a real HS student…
  • The most difficult thing about the series composition was figuring out when to include rehearsal scenes. For example, the “Sunfest” song was something they didn’t want to reveal to viewers before the performance, so they couldn’t actually include rehearsal scenes from the novel
  • Harada and Ishihara really having lots of characters with their own little stories — a glimpse of everyday people here and there rather than big war epics etc. Harada had all of the characters’ names, designs and character settings posted around his work space, and made it a point to give each and every one a line at some point in the story. For example, if they were in charge of something, then they’d have a line in this episode…and so on.

Cast #2 (The quartet again)
  • Tomoyan is really pushing Shuuichi as being a catch (ikemen)…
  • A lot of people wrote into the radio show about the vote that the students had to take about their goal, many commiserating with Aoi-chan, who couldn’t bring herself to raise her eyes from the ground even as she cast her vote. A lot of them had felt that pressure of being isolated for being ‘different’ from everyone else.
  • They really like (Yamaoka) Yuri, who plays Yuuko, ‘cos she’s really nice.
  • @ 18:05, the only person who responded to Taki, with a “Yes, sir!,” was Reina.
  • Their reaction to the Gotou-Riko two-shot is hilarious! Gotou is another favourite

Notes on Sound! Euphonium episode 10...

For some reason, I decided to take notes on this, because there was so much going on. Not sure if I'll do this for the rest of the episodes though...


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I hadn't really been thinking about this series all too deeply...and then this week came along. Read more...Collapse )
I don't follow seiyuu as closely as I used to several years ago, but seiyuu marriages are big news amongst fans, so I eventually do hear about them most of the time. This time, it was twitter that told me that Yonaga Tsubasa and Nishigaki Yuka had tied the knot. But what really amused me was what the tweet said, which was that rather than the typical "It's unforgiveable that he got married!", the reactions were generally along the lines of "Yonaga Tsubasa has also become a married woman, huh?" and "Hang on, isn't Yonaga Tsubasa a woman?"

That was a few weeks ago though, so why am I only blogging about it now? Well, since the weekend when a certain character in Arslan Senki dressed up as a young girl in order to gather information (to the acclaim and amusement of the staff and cast, as we find out on twitter and the 9th radio show!), I've tried to remember all the seiyuu I've ever heard put on a female voice. And I don't mean just taking on female mannerisms, as is generally done in the Momo & Grapes Mens Only Series), I mean them actually putting on a female voice. And here's the list I came up with:

Sakurai Takahiro - Uki in Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru
Miyata Kouki - Red Squirrel Mama in Shirokuma Cafe
Morikawa Toshiyuki - Panda Mama in Shirokuma Cafe

These three did older women though, which isn't all that difficult. So who else is there? Well, FukuJun with Kotori-chan in WORKING!!...but he didn't actually change his voice at all (and it worked, too!). But we're getting closer. In fact, the most famous example is probably from one of his co-stars from that show: Kamiya Hiroshi. After listening to that clip for the first time, I remember wondering why they hadn't simply had him voice Tieria when he went masqueraded as a woman in Gundam 00! (Though IIRC, they did leave it to him on the drama CDs... And in case anyone's interested, here's a compilation of all the famous ones HiroC's done...)

But then, I remembered that Yonaga-san himself also took on a female role in the first of the Mens Only Series, and until now, remains the only person in the history of that line of CDs to have literally put on a girl's voice... But that's not the end of it: in fact, whilst Nishigaki-san is known for doing boyish voices, Yonaga-san's quite famous for doing girly voices! Just a little warning though: most of this collection had me covering my ears -- I'm really not the biggest fan of the squeaky cute Japanese girl persona... *sweatdrops*


In all seriousness though, many congratulations to the happy couple! (^_^;; )


As I thought, the final radio episode is next week. Hanae as guest. Er…is there any possibility at all that we’ll have a surprise guest…??? After all, he’s never been on the weekly show! That said, I don’t suppose that person really wants to talk about A/Z all that much at the moment… His tweets about A/Z over the last few weeks have all been a little subdued…

LOLOL. Hanae and Ono’s reaction to Asseylum’s final scene was hilarious!!! “Well, let's return to zero, shall we?” I really can't wait for next week's radio now!

In other radio news: the AU this time was a world of ninjas (Trillram appears to have overtaken Slaine as the most popular character on the radio), Ousaka Ryōta's Vers name is Ousaka In (written in katakana), and the 4th volume of the Tsutaya rental-only specials, with Ono Kenshō [Slaine] and Hirakawa Daisuke [Harklight], will be available from April 1.

And with that out of the way, on to the episode itself...

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A/Z 'running commentary' (Ep 23)

Last one? Or will I do another next week before I go about wrapping up my experience of A/Z? Must admit...I'll probably be spending a few more months on this anyway! In the first place, the BDs are still being released with their little extras, and there's an event in June too! And one more: this week, there was no mention of Hanae being on the next radio show? The twitter account announced that he would be the final guest, on the last show. Does that mean that, although the series itself ends next week, it looks the radio show will have a little while more to go... Hm...I guess that does make sense, since these shows seems to be recorded about a few days in advance. They've got to give the audience some time to react to what happens in the series finale!

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