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In the absence of time...

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15 May
The being whose (supposed) online journal rests here is yet another young working gal with far less time on her hands than her interests require... I'm originally from Singapore, and have called 6 different places my home - at present, it's Canberra.

This is my media/entertainment/games journal, wherein I spam mainly about various anime/manga/drama/movies/sports, and post the occasional translation (Japanese => English). Very few posts at this journal are locked, but RL info is pretty much available only to friends. Add me and say hello etc, and chances are, I'll add you back, provided we share some interests.

I've been collecting merchandise for years, resulting in a pretty large portrait 「ポートレート」 gallery. Scans of these (and various other images) are slowly being made available here, in the gallery. Generally, you're welcome to use the scans as long as you don't claim that you scanned them yourself - if you want larger files, feel free to ask, the publicly available files are mostly 25-30% the size of the original scans. Credit would be nice, but it's not like I'm going to be able to check anyway. [And if you're one of those people who get irritated by people wanting credit for scans, try your hand at scanning before you open your mouth here.]

However, please DO NOT use any of the TRANSLATIONS I post anywhere else. This includes anything from simply copying and pasting them in a forum to using them for scanlations or releases of any sort. Links are fine, and I will try to remember to put a disclaimer every time I post a translation. But I really do not wish to be connected to anything that infringes copyright in the West.

Obviously, if you choose to use my translations without credit by changing them enough to make them seem like your own, it would be more difficult for me (or others) to ascertain what you've done. I can't stop you from being a person who lives on stealing other people's work for your own benefit, but that's something for your own conscience.

Comments, requests and suggestions are welcome at any time, and thanks will always be appreciated. (^_^)

p.s. Whilst I haven't got time to source images or do timing at present, I'd also be willing to do a joint project to release a drama cd sub. So if anyone's interested, drop me a comment anywhere, ne?

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